Poem twenty nine

When birds chirp do you

think about your childhood and

your heart beats with joy?

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Poem twenty eight


I give

myself away

to strangers.

I give them

a smile

a compliment

a head nod to the rough days.







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Poem twenty seven

Anger is so real

for so many people

it wraps itself around fingers and toes

stopping blood circulation…

cutting off oxygen.

release it…your anger…let it go…


Im telling you as I myself.



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Poem twenty six

almost time for you

to unpack the life you lost

consider it joy.

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Poem twenty five

Lay down on the grass

stick tongue out and lick grass blades 

this is being free.

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Poem twenty four

Sun is shining bright

birds are chirping praises high

another day God gifts us.

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Poem twenty two

it is good to see friends

those you love or have loved in a time and space that was new

not the familiar feelings that settle in our bones

these days we must know when to get in and when to get out

what is fake and what is real

when to be real and when not to be fake

so be real

its easier

to not say hello to someone you have no desire to bond with further than the hello

the awkward silence that deadens a conversation

the shuffling of the feet that signal danger

yet those you loved

you always love and they live in a space that is forever and cared for and protected

it was good to see so many that I grew up in this poetry with


to get the hugs and the love that I needed

that we needed

the reminder of love

the remembering of when

the laughs that followed the memory

dances that are timeless

poems that bring a change

that bring hope

as was said

we don’t have to go the same route to get a winning result


out the box thinking

old people doing new things

steady hares running the race

tortoises steadily keeping up

and we all were there

in a beginning

where the mic was fresh and the stages were bright

where the nervousness was a trip to the bathroom to take a dump

when the features were popping and the rooms were packed and we were being validated in our crafts

I see us

I see you

poetry seeps off the stages and out of slams into the boardrooms and courthouses

in libraries and economics

poetry has a way with words


good creatives and God fearing people have a way with words.

I am so blessed to know you all

have given me a piece of myself at one point

there are 700 ways to say thank you.

1000 love notes divided by two isn’t enough

a million chocolate hearts scattered across Cuyahoga County isn’t enough

enough is looking in your eyes

and seeing joy

knowing that WE know what the newcomer does not

that crinkles the corners of our eyes as little children grown up we have leveled up into a new frequency that the new generation has yet to hear

with wisdom we sit back and watch the new warriors battle our terrain

oh—how we battled our terrain

made it our own

we have made deep footprints in our own purposes

it is funny that our paths are slightly different

yet this one art

connects our limbs and our hearts

commits our souls to a society

a poets society

with all varieties for the tasting

we range and we mesh

there is a bond that is unspoken and unbroken

we hold secrets that we will be kept within the wee hours of the morning

there are stories that we know

and can tell

word for word

yet we don’t

those sacred remnants are our


they are what keeps us moving forward

pushing through

enduring and growing and praising and loving being of God

letting ourselves be used accordingly

and I LOVE IT.

Growing older

we glance back at our youth

reminisce on the times

we created

the history we wrote

and think

wow…a movement was created and we was all in it

being young



with pens and papers

we have changed lives for the better

and that

my good people


deserves a standing ovation!




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