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No Title (for myself)

For myself to stand up in the mirror and knock myself into another atmosphere shields myself from my past… blocks all injuries… myself hides in her cheekbones defined into smiles long dimples myself is not herself these days sharing her … Continue reading

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Erato: Muse of Lyric Choral Poetry (for Kay Sage, surrealist artist, poet)

It is the lyre of an ilk, which has kept me here Cupid has privileged my pen sharpened arrows inked, stain across paper soft materials shades of bugs and visitors lovers who I have yet to meet perched on grassy … Continue reading

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In New…(a poem)

Working on the insides making way for new troubles to come around and taint the very fibers that were stained to blend into the colors I did not know I appreciated sitting in my choices, swishing the water back and … Continue reading

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Twenty-two years…

Twenty-two is along time to be someone’s friend. Being in someone’s company through the thick and the thin of things, I have learned is a skill one learns everyday. I have the pleasure of having said friendship. With a person … Continue reading

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On being funny acting…

Okay….first, I thought that funny acting was a term that was in the dictionary, or online, as a phrase or term. Its not…leaving me to reconsider this thought…I’m thinking…where did that come from? My whole life, from people that I … Continue reading

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It is the Spirit that I look for…

Today is Valentines Day. I have a Valentine. I have love and I am happy. The spirit that holds up these holidays are going to shits. Society is so quick to put a price tag on the value of what … Continue reading

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A Poem…(random thoughts six)

This is the day that has been made and prayerfully be made tomorrow live each day like its your last take time to get yourself in order for order is the way of the righteous upright allows your back to … Continue reading

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