God is making rounds

There is so much to say about sorrow

About grief 

 bad news on a sunny day how to smile through tears when birds are chirping 

To sit in retrospect over those loved ones lost gone to a place much calmer than this life

What are we to say as comfort

As balm

How can we say it’s going to get better when our nights are sleepless and our mornings groggy 

To lift our heads when they are heavy and deformed 

Waves of grief have hurricaned our spirits

I’m asking where are we to go for refuge

Aren’t we made in the image?

Why we can’t act like it…

Can’t we say for the peace that passes all understanding will hold you? 

What about considering it all joy for the testing of your faith produces endurance and we must let endurance have its perfect result…aren’t those words good? Sacred?

How many times are we gonna sympathize and dismiss someone else’s obstacles and issues for our own? 


What are we waiting on…it should be automatic to hug, to embrace, to spread love…

For love is the point of our daily movements! 

You know that right? 

That you may serve any God you want, and you can live your life your way, yet if you have love your ways become selfless and not of your own.

Having love-purely and unconditionally raises your vibrations to a new frequency and you no longer order your steps.

They become ordered. 

I’m asking who gets on knees bended  and prays for a stranger, for the family on the news, for Cleveland and her citizens?

Who is prepared to consecrate for the illness of a loved one…who 

is standing in the gap?

For the 108 plus families who has lost a child or man or woman to murder…

I’m seriously trying to figure words to express these unknown emotions that have been flooding and over flooding my internal 

I’ve been thinking of a way to say I know it’s not easy 

To rub your back, stranger, and say I know what it feels like to lose a love you lived for

That I have cried myself to sleep at five am only to wake up at seven am and run on fumes from grief

It chips away at happiness

Deflates clean air 

I understand the hot tears on a cold face and if nothing else I love you

Who else wants to say that…to someone… This new living is

So much more than happy hours and nine to fives

Much more than gossip or judgement 

And only a few are paying attention…not many get this

What I’m trying to say…

What had happened was…

Autumn is upon us

God is making rounds


If you can

Start slowly 

It is simple

You will grow…

Your Love will increase…



About monalisasrandomthoughts

I craft people poems. I laugh out-loud. I love all things. Everything is about order. My movements are chess. Everything to me calculates. I just look like this.
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